Gill Sanders

City Councillor for Littlemore and County Councillor for Rose Hill & Littlemore

Call: 01865 761 856

Email: (COUNTY) (CITY)

Write: 200 Headington Road, Headington, Oxford, OX3 7PS

Councillor Gill Sanders is a retired HR and Admin Manager having worked for 25 years in various schools in Oxford. Gill has two sons and a grandson. She has represented Littlemore residents as their City Councillor for 16 years and as the County Councillor for Rose Hill and Littlemore for five years. Gill is also a Littlemore Parish Councillor.

Gill is the Chair of the trustees for the Rose Hill Junior Youth Club. On the City Council Gill is the “Older Persons’ Champion” and on the County Council Gill is Shadow Cabinet Member for Children Education and Families.