Oxford Labour Manifesto 2018

The City Council, under Labour’s leadership since 2008, has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Council of the Year award in 2014. It has a committed, professional and innovative workforce, and the trust put in that workforce, by investing in services rather than seeking to privatise them, has been repaid many times over.   Yet what matters most is the trust and support of local people, who need a public authority to be on their side, and to be working hard to address the issues that matter to them. We believe that we have succeeded in achieving major improvements in the services provided by the Council over the past ten years despite the financial and legal constraints imposed by central government, and we are determined to continue to do this in the years ahead.

In this manifesto, we set out our vision for Oxford, and our proposals on how to make it a fairer place to live.  This manifesto is positive, deliverable, and draws upon the excellent ideas brought forward by local Labour party members, councillors and those in the communities we are proud to service.

Our key pledges:

In the next four years, we will:

  • Build 1000 new affordable homes with support from the £215 million Oxfordshire Housing and Growth Deal.
  • Work with neighbouring authorities to secure high quality urban extensions that will increase the availability of affordable homes.
  • Make Oxford a great cycling city, with more segregated cycle lanes, more cycle parking and successful rent-a- bike schemes.
  • Promote the Oxford Living Wage as the minimum rate of pay for all employees, and continue to require the OLW as the minimum for our staff and contractors.
  • Strongly support grassroots sport, backing local clubs with good facilities, and launching a new centre for football, rugby, athletics, cricket and softball at Horspath.
  • Support the development of popular sports, including gymnastics, dance and boxing.
  • Reduce Oxford’s carbon footprint, and continue to increase recycling rates, especially for food and green waste.
  • Act to reduce plastic waste and increase the availability of water in shops, cafes and through public water fountains
  • Keep Council services in house and sell services to other private and public-sector organisations.
  • Tackle air pollution, supporting the introduction of more electric vehicles through new public and private charging points across the city.
  • Increase spending to tackle homelessness and rough-sleeping in a partnership with charities and other voluntary bodies with the objective of ensuring that no-one has to sleep rough in Oxford.


You can read the full manifesto here