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The NHS is under enormous pressure at the moment, especially since the government’s ill-judged reorganisation, which wasted £3 billion. Oxford East MP Andrew Smith is at the forefront of campaigns for our local NHS services and health workers, raising issues in Parliament and helping individual constituents.

Andrew said “The NHS is rightly a huge issue for people in Oxford. It is a key priority for me to stand up for our local services and the staff that provide them. We are lucky to have such fantastic local hospitals and healthcare facilities, but they are being stretched to the limit. GP services, community and social care are under huge pressure too. More resources for front-line care are clearly needed. Labour have shown how we can provide an additional £2.5 billion in funding for the NHS. This would mean 20,000 more
nurses, 8,000 more family doctors, 3,000 more midwives and 5,000 more care workers. Labour would also guarantee a GP appointment within 48 hours, cut waiting times at A&E and repeal the Health & Social Care Bill which allows for part-privatisation.

I will continue to work closely with local residents and health workers to get the best possible health and social care for our community.”

Sally Copley, prospective parliamentary candidate for Oxford West & Abingdon, said "I know from speaking to people across the constituency that there is real concern about our NHS that so many rely on or work in. Labour has a plan to provide the additional support our health service needs, rather than flog off bits of the NHS like the Tories and Lib Dems have done."

Getting the best for our NHS


By-elections in Blackbird Leys and Northfield Brook wards are to be held on 27th November, one for the County Council for the whole Leys, and one City Council in each ward.

Steve Curran is your Labour candidate for the County Council. He is Oxford born and bred. He attained a teaching qualification in 1979 and for 32 years worked as a youth worker for Oxfordshire County Council. He spent several years running Blackbird Leys Youth Centre. After being made redundant in 2011 Steve has dedicated his time to working on the Leys and for the past two and a half years has been City Councillor for Northfield Brook.

Linda Smith is your Labour candidate for Blackbird Leys on the City Council. She is a mum of two who grew up on an Oxford council estate. She has worked in politics at Westminster and at a European level and has already served 12 years as a local councillor. She has the experience needed to speak up for local residents and fight for the best deal for Blackbird Leys. Her priorities for the local area include housing improvements and activities for children & young people.

Sian Taylor is your Labour candidate for Northfield Brook on the City Council. She has worked as a nurse in the NHS for over 30 years and is a Unite workplace rep. She is committed to fairness and equality, and will work hard if elected to stay in touch with local people, helping with problems and making sure their views are represented.

The deadline to register to vote in the by-elections is 5pm Tuesday 11th November, and the deadline for postal vote applications is 5pm Wednesday 12th November. Polls will be open 7am to 10pm on Thursday 27th November.


Labour's candidates for the Leys by-elections

By-elections in Blackbird and Greater Leys caused by the sad resignation of long-standing councillor Val Smith have been set for November 27th.

Val Smith resigned her City Council seat in Blackbird Leys ward and County Council seat in the Leys division a few weeks ago. City Councillor for Northfield Brook Steve Curran is resigning from his City Council seat and standing for the County Council vacancy for the Leys. This means there are City Council by-elections in both wards on the Leys. Our candidate for Blackbird Leys ward is Linda Smith, and for Northfield Brook ward Sian Taylor.

Residents of both Blackbird Leys and Northfield Brook will vote in two polls on November 27th, one for the County Council and one for the City Council.


Leys by-elections set for 27th November

By-elections in Blackbird and Greater Leys caused by the sad resignation of long-standing councillor Val Smith have been set for November 27th.

The way we all register to vote is changing.

Rather than one person in the household completing a household registration form, now everyone must register individually under the government's new system of Individual Electoral Registration (IER).

Many people will automatically have been registered because their details match with data held by the Department for Work & Pensions or local council databases. This is the case for about 70% of people in Oxford.

However, some people have to provide additional details to ensure they are registered to vote. Everyone will have received a letter from the council telling them whether they have to take any action or not.

People new to Oxford, in particular the incoming cohort of students, will need to register to be able to vote in next year's General Election. The easiest way to do this is online at

If you have any questions about your electoral registration you can contact the council at 01865 249 811.


Register to vote online

The way we all register to vote is changing.

The Labour-run City Council has secured funding allowing for free public wifi on all Oxford Bus Company and Stagecoach buses and public buildings.

Buses should all have free wifi by the end of November and buildings such as Community Centres, libraries and museums by April next year. This will generate a wide wifi network in the City centre for residents and tourists.

Leader of the Council Bob Price said: "The City Council is building a world class city for its residents and for the nearly 10 million visitors that we receive each year. Wi-Fi access is a crucial element in providing information and guidance to visitors, as well as facilitating business and social communications.

We are aiming to create an extensive Wi-Fi zone in the city centre using the main public buildings, museums and galleries, and the installation of Wi-Fi on the bus network will be really valuable for residents and visitors alike."

This forms part of the 'Super Connected Oxford' scheme which aims to make Oxford one of the country's most connected cities. The programme will also offer small and medium sized businesses in Oxford assistance in getting superfast broadband.




Free Wifi on buses and public buildings

The Labour-run City Council has secured funding allowing for free public wifi on all Oxford Bus Company and Stagecoach buses and public buildings. Buses should all have free wifi by...

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