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Polling Day in the Northfield Brook by-election is on Thursday 22nd October. We will be getting out the Labour vote from 10am to 9pm based out of 4 Flaxfield Road, OX4 6QD. Please come and join us any time. 

We will also be delivering an early morning reminder to vote from 6am, meeting outside Leys Leisure Centre on Pegasus Road.

If you are able to help with telling on the day - sitting outside a polling station collecting the polling numbers of those who have voted so we know not to bother them - please contact Tom on

Polling Days are a great way for first-time canvassers to get involved and we'll ensure you are paired up with someone experienced.


Help us on Northfield Brook Polling Day - October 22nd

Polling Day in the Northfield Brook by-election is on Thursday 22nd October. We will be getting out the Labour vote from 10am to 9pm based out of 4 Flaxfield Road,...

Andrew Smith MP recently sent this message to all Labour members and supporters in Oxford Labour:

I congratulate Jeremy Corbyn on his remarkable victory.  He has a huge mandate for his leadership of our Party.  

This is a political earthquake and also an opportunity for the democratic renewal of our Party.  The breathtaking margin of victory reflects the strong desire of many Labour members and supporters for change, radical policies and a break with politics as usual.  It was particularly striking how strong the support for Jeremy is amongst young people.  The predictable Tory attacks on Labour’s choice are missing the point of why it Is so many people feel let down by our political system, and don’t see why the poorest and most vulnerable in our society should be paying the price for the failure of the bankers.  Something new has surged up from the grass-roots in this leadership election.  We all have to listen.

When I spoke with local members immediately after the results declaration I said: “All sections of the party should unite behind our new leader.  The scale of his victory shows how much Labour members want politics of hope, challenging social injustice, and building a fairer society.  Oxford Labour has already helped develop new politics, with the intensity of our community campaigning, and the service which I and our local councillors give to our community.  It’s so important keep up our doorstep sessions talking with local residents and taking up their concerns, which has been the foundation of Labour’s success in Oxford.”

The night before the declaration of the leadership result I received an email from Jeremy Corbyn thanking me for nominating him as Leader.  Even though I supported Yvette Cooper, I made the nomination – the 35th, which ensured Jeremy Corbyn was on the ballot paper.  I did this in the interests of party democracy.  It would have been wrong for this strand of opinion, supported by so many people in the Labour Party, to have been denied a place on the ballot paper.

Jeremy Corbyn’s email:

Dear Andrew

Thanks very much for your nomination of me in the first place for the leadership campaign; you were one of the last to make a nomination and gave us all a bit of excitement and joy!

It was great the way you introduced the hustings we held in Oxford during our visit there and I look forward to working with you whatever the result tomorrow. 

With thanks.


It was nice of Jeremy to send this message, and says something about the man that he found the time to do it personally when he will have had so many other things to attend to.

These are turbulent, but also exciting, times for our Party.  We must hold fast to giving the best possible representation to local people, drawing new supporters into Party activities and working hard to win the City elections.  Whatever views we hold as individuals on the best strategy and policies for the future, we remember that in a democratic party we have the opportunity to help shape that future.  We also remember that unity is strength, and we must have open debate which also recognises that we will all stand together in both challenging the damaging policies of this Tory government and working for victories for Labour in the local and general elections to come. Labour members and supporters have delivered a decisive outcome.  In the best traditions of our party we must pull together to make it work, not just for Labour but for all those whose life chances depend on a Labour government.

Thanks so much for  your support for the Labour Party and the values we stand for.

Andrew Smith's message to members and supporters


The Quarry Pavilion Modernisation Project board have proposed to submit the revised design of the Quarry Pavilion to the planning application phase. The revised design takes into account the feedback received during the consultation including a public meeting held on 31st March 2015. The new pavilion will now utilise the majority of the existing footprint in order to reduce the loss of green space. The facilities at the new pavilion will meet Sport England guidelines.

Full report on the public consultation and the revised design plan can be found on the following link:

A full planning application will be submitted and again open to public consultation.

Labour councillors for Quarry & Risinghurst ward are pleased at the news. Cllr Chewe Munkonge said “I can’t wait to see a new pavilion, the current pavilion is not fit for purpose.”

Cllr Dee Sinclair said “I am pleased the project is moving into the planning application phase, I want to see the builders on site soon so we can get a brand new, top class facility for Quarry.”

Cllr Chewe Munkonge is organizing a trip to Grandpont pavilion which is a similar design to the proposed one for Quarry, if interested please contact him on 07825 283858 or write to him on

New pavilion for Quarry


On July 16th Oxford Labour hosted a Leader and Deputy Leader hustings at the Wesley Memorial Methodist Church on New Inn Hall Street. 350 came to see the candidates speak, chaired by Sally Copley. We had a wide ranging debate on a variety of topics, and thanks to your generous donations during the event we raised £700 for the local party's campaigning effort.

We've uploaded a few photos from the night above.


Photos from our Hustings event


Carole Roberts, longtime Blackbird Leys resident, former Lord Mayor and City Councillor, yesterday received a merit award from Ann Black, National Executive Committee member and Secretary of the Oxford & District Labour Party. The National Merit Award is an honour reserved for Labour Party members who have a distinguished history of service to their local communities.

Carole joined the party in 1959 and served as councillor for the former Temple Cowley ward, the Iffley & Rose Hill ward and, most recently, Northfield Brook. She was Lord Mayor in 1998/9 after serving as Deputy Lord Mayor and Sheriff of Oxford. Until recently she managed the Rose Hill & Donnington Advice Centre which she joined in 1989 as the first advice worker. Carole is currently recuperating from treatment at the Churchill Hospital in Headington. 

UPDATE 10/8/15: Carole sadly passed away on August 9th. Our thoughts are with Carole's family and friends.

Labour Party give Merit Award to Carole Roberts

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