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Today the Labour Party published its 2015 manifesto. You can view the full document here:

It includes new announcements such as:

  • Raising the minimum wage to more than £8 by October 2019
  • Helping train passengers and commuters with a fully-funded fare freeze
  • Supporting the squeezed middle with a firm commitment not to raise the basic or higher rate of income tax, National Insurance or VAT.
  • Protecting tax credits in the next parliament, to back working families 
  • Introducing a new National Primary Childcare Service to help working parents.

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Labour Party manifesto published

With only a few short weeks until the General Election, your help in our campaign to re-elect Andrew Smith in Oxford East, elect Sally Copley in Oxford West & Abingdon and help in our nearest marginal Reading West is much needed and appreciated.

You can sign up to volunteer here:

Volunteer in our General Election Campaign!


On Wednesday night, Labour's City Council budget was passed. Despite a cut in the government grant of 47% between 2010 and 2015/16, Labour have passed a wide-ranging budget which invests in our communities and strives for a fairer, greener, tolerant, more equal Oxford. 


  • The biggest programme of council house building in a generation, with funding for nearly 1,000 new council homes, to be let as proper, social rents;
  • Major investment in the regeneration of the existing Barton estate, and also central Blackbird Leys;
  • A free home energy audit for every council tenant, investment in the energy efficiency of our council housing stock and council buildings, and the adoption of a new, higher "Oxford Standard" for Council properties;
  • Full continuation of our programme of community and voluntary sector grants, including funding for money, welfare and housing advice - earmarked for the full four years of our medium term plan;
  • Continuation in full of our funding of homelessness prevention work, including support for single homeless people and organisations like the Oxford Homeless Pathway, in spite of government cutbacks;
  • Full continuation of council tax support for those on low incomes
  • new pavilion for Quarry, and improvements to football pitch drainage;
  • Funding for the City Council contribution Western Conveyance Channel to prevent flooding, and to make a success of the Thames Water catchment study to deal with foul water in Oxford,
  • Full continuation of our award-winning Youth Ambition Programme;
  • Continued commitment to the Oxford Living Wage for staff and contractors;
  • No programme of privatisation of services, and indeed support for "in-sourcing" work from outside.

Oxford City Labour's Budget


Thursday 5th February is National Voter Registration Day. With only 92 days until the General Election, it's vital that everyone ensure they are registered to vote for what could be the closest General Election in a generation.

The government's changes to voter registration mean that many thousands of people, in particular students and other young people, may not be on the electoral register. If you don't have a vote, you don't have a voice.

Oxford Labour supports National Voter Registration Day, which aims to get 250,000 more people on the electoral register. Andrew Smith MP and Labour Councillors in Oxford have been helping on voter registration stalls in Oxford all of this week.

If you aren't registered to vote, you can now do so online at It only takes 5 minutes. You will need your National Insurance Number, found on your card or any payslip.





Make sure you're registered to vote


The NHS is under enormous pressure at the moment, especially since the government’s ill-judged reorganisation, which wasted £3 billion. Oxford East MP Andrew Smith is at the forefront of campaigns for our local NHS services and health workers, raising issues in Parliament and helping individual constituents.

Andrew said “The NHS is rightly a huge issue for people in Oxford. It is a key priority for me to stand up for our local services and the staff that provide them. We are lucky to have such fantastic local hospitals and healthcare facilities, but they are being stretched to the limit. GP services, community and social care are under huge pressure too. More resources for front-line care are clearly needed. Labour have shown how we can provide an additional £2.5 billion in funding for the NHS. This would mean 20,000 more
nurses, 8,000 more family doctors, 3,000 more midwives and 5,000 more care workers. Labour would also guarantee a GP appointment within 48 hours, cut waiting times at A&E and repeal the Health & Social Care Bill which allows for part-privatisation.

I will continue to work closely with local residents and health workers to get the best possible health and social care for our community.”

Sally Copley, prospective parliamentary candidate for Oxford West & Abingdon, said "I know from speaking to people across the constituency that there is real concern about our NHS that so many rely on or work in. Labour has a plan to provide the additional support our health service needs, rather than flog off bits of the NHS like the Tories and Lib Dems have done."

Getting the best for our NHS

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